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I am Alice and I am from the United States. I like reading books and playing games in my ample time and I also have a huge collection of romantic novels. I like sharing and talking with people about books, games and other media. Besides reading, I like playing games. I have also won the inter college gaming competition during the techno fest. I usually play mind games that not only enhances your mental level but also increases your IQ level too.

And now if I talk about my profession than I am working as an Architect. I believe in putting my best efforts and using my wealth of experience to deliver satisfying results to all my clients. I try to apprehend the views and preferences of my clients, when it comes about best and sustainable architecture designs. My ability to include their design ideas into my plans has helped me to establish a trustworthy and deep relationship with them. I always focus on supply high quality materials to their clients by making a prior detailed information and planning in an eco-friendly environment. My dedicated professional staff and the associates provide important services like structural, theme based and customized interior design.

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